Species of Geese in Saskatchewan

Canada Goose Wing Span (cm)

Greater Canada Goose Weight (lbs)

SK Goose Population

Saskatchewan Goose Hunting Facts

Saskatchewan is home to a wide variety of geese species including Greater Canada Geese, Lesser Canada Geese, Quill Lakes Geese, Snow Geese, Ross Geese, and Whitefronted Geese (commonly called Specklebelly Geese).

Snow Geese usually are found in large flocks, often several thousand at a time can be found feed or roosting together.

Snow Geese are know to live for 20 years.

The Greater Canada Goose is the largest of the goose family and can weigh upwards of 15 pounds with a wing span stretching over 6 feet.

Reporting Banded Waterfowl

Hunters who shoot banded waterfowl should report the band number and harvest information by
Website: Canadian Wildlife Service
Email: Environment and Climate BBO_cws@ec.gc.ca

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