Prairie Rose Outfitters

Contact:: Craig Rath

Location: Dafoe, SK



Phone: 1-306-227-2822

Description: We hunt a variety of migratory birds including Greater Canada geese, Canada geese, and white front geese, Snows, Blues and Ross Geese. Also Sand Hill Cranes along with Ducks, mostly mallards and Pintails, but many others common to the Quill Lakes area. As much or more variety than anywhere in Canada!!!
So be sure to consider this when making your decision if you think we are a little more expensive than the next guy. Prairie Rose Outfitters simply has more to offer!

Dafoe camp:

Prairie Rose Outfitters has operated on the Quill Lakes since 1995. The camp is located on the west side of the Big Quill Lake. The land in the area is very flat with large grain fields and few trees around the lake. Snow geese dominate the area by the hundreds of thousands and are the main target at the Dafoe camp. Next are dark geese, ducks and sand hill cranes.

Champetre Outpost Camp:

Prairie Rose Outfitters opened the Champetre county location in 2011. The camp is located 30 minutes east of Saskatoon. The land in this area is very hilly with many pot holes that hold large local duck populations. The hunting for Canada Geese, ducks is the most popular, with good snow goose hunting in the afternoon as you move east from camp.
The camps offer two completely different hunting opportunities. This is great for those wanting to hunt 3 days in each camp and for returning guests that want to try something different.

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543 Scissons Cres., Saskatoon, SK / 306-371-4595

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